As there is no better way to immerse in a country's culture than through its cuisine, a Moroccan cooking class is the best way to do so.

We offer you the chance to get involved with the local lifestyle by learning how to make authentic Moroccan cuisine from main meals, bread to deserts. We provides the possibility of getting cooking classes, a step by step by the assistance of local chef who will guide you throughout the process of the making of Moroccan traditional dishes out from fresh locally grown ingredients and an assortment of spices to give plenty of flavor.

Most of the Moroccan traditional dishes are served with bread, so it is a must to check on the process of making it, you will be able to assist local women preparing the famous bread and baking it in traditional ovens.

We have an equipped kitchen specially to guarantee a great experience, many stoves and cooking utensils are available for you to work comfortably.

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What an amazing experience for foodies!!

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