A selection of must-see places in the area

Make the most of your stay at our Gîte D’étape Tamaloutte by exploring the exotic landscapes and the traditions of the Berber culture through walks set up with care.
Our half-day walks (4 to 6 hours) in the surrounding areas are :


Picnic : 50 MAD
Guide : 300 MAD
Mule : 150 MAD

A walk through nearby gardens

An amazing walk in the gardens of the roses that allows you to discover the marvelous landscapes of the valley of the roses. A break in the garden or in the gorges (picnic) to enjoy a quiet meal. After that we head back to the gîte.

A freshwater experience awaits

discover  two of the most beautiful rivers in the area surrounded by  Berber villages, a wonderful view ideal for taking memorable photos. Lunch around noon in the garden (picnic).
Another  way to discover the Berber culture and learn more about their lifestyle  is to have your meal with the locals.

Picking Roses with locals

This walk is specially designed for people who are curious about the process of picking roses, the departure for this walk starts at sunrise or sunset, we will have the opportunity to assist the women picking the roses in the huge gardens next to the river. A memorable experience for sure!

Discover nomadic lifestyle

Descent of the Mgoun river towards the boutarghrar plateau with a beautiful view of the valley of roses (Kalaa M’gouna). The nomads of the High Atlas take this plateau as a place of living, this walk is a wonderful opportunity to discover the culture of these nomads by taking a lovely meal with them.

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